The Group, Ventnor Botanical Artists, was formed in 2002 by Deania Reed, RHS Silver Medallist for her botanical work.

The original membership was from her students who had attended her classes on the Island.

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We have a thriving membership that meets once a month at Ventnor Botanic Garden for drawing, painting, discussion and help with work in progress.

We also like drinking coffee and generally catching up with one another!

There isn’t any formal tuition at these meetings but we arrange annual workshops, tutored by well known botanical artists.We all love what we do and hope that is reflected in our work.

Botanical painting differs from ‘flower painting’ in that the whole character of a plant is recorded: the front, back and side view; if possible a bud, bud opening, seeds and root formation noted – not forgetting the front and back of a leaf. Close observation is made of the plant’s growth habit, stems and leaf attachment.

Attention has to be given to composition, form and accuracy of drawing and colouring. Careful observation is vital and preliminary sketches essential.

VBA members have a variety of skills and although we try to adhere to Botanical rules, our work, in some respects reflects modern tastes by venturing into floral work. A variety of mediums are used, watercolour, graphite, pastels and coloured pencil.