Sally Whibley

Not having touched much painting on paper since the 1960’s, Sally’s hand was a little rusty and to embark on a subject that required accuracy, concentration and observational skill was a challenge.

Her garden is full of flowers and plants all through the year so inspiration was not a problem. In the early 2000’s Sally started painting with a local floral group but found out about botanical painting and went to her first “real” class at RHS Wisley under the late Pauline Dean and that was THE only route to follow.

She joined the Ventnor Botanical Artists around 2002 and attended various workshops and classes around the country over the years gleaning as much practice and information as possible.

After retirement she embarked on the Society of Botanical Artists 2 year distance learning course gaining her Diploma with credit in 2012.

She has exhibited at the SBA exhibition in London, St Barbe’s in Lymington and at various locations around the Island.

She still attends workshops about once a year – there is always something new to learn- and arranges exhibitions for Ventnor Botanical Artists usually three times per year. Sally works mostly with watercolour on paper but uses watercolour and vellum occasionally and in 2017 started learning the art of acrylics, she has yet to apply this to fine floral work, all for the future.